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Application Reengineering

Looking to Re-engineer, Modernize & Migrate?

With the passing time, enterprises are increasingly facing the challenge of aging and old software applications, better known in computing parlance as legacy applications which are essential for the organizations but at the same time prove to be a nightmare for programmers and maintenance engineers. Though burdensome, legacy applications also represent years of accumulated experience and knowledge. It is, therefore, unwise to discard them before building new state of the art applications to leverage current technologies.

There is a need to transform such legacy applications, suitable to the latest technology environment by various methods. For maximizing value, application reengineering is being increasingly embraced by organizations.

Reverse engineering provides a new approach. If there is no system documentation for a system, reverse engineering the system can produce a reconstructed design that captures the functionality of the system. The design is represented at an abstraction level that removes implementation language dependencies.

As a result, it is possible to re-implement the system in a new language. In addition, the reconstructed design can be transformed to modernize it, restructure it, incorporate new requirements, etc. Thus re-engineering based on a reverse engineering process offers many of the advantages of the redesign and re-implement approach. This approach is always feasible if the source code for a legacy system exists.