Our Solutions

Where others see roadblocks, we recognize possibilities.

Application Development

We create a great buzz with developing electrifying system applications.

Our software development teams understand how difficult it is for people to visualize exactly what they want until they've seen it built. So we utilize a process that adheres to good software development practices, yet allows for some evolution of the requirements and iteration of the product. Paramount to a good end product is a thorough understanding of the relevant business area and how the software must support it.

Building The Right System :

  • Reviewing Requirements with Users
  • Discussing Screen Mock-Ups
  • Providing Design Prototypes
  • Providing Test Code for Experimenting

We also strongly encourage building and implementing large systems in well-defined phases so that each step is a guaranteed success; the next step builds upon the last incorporating lessons learned and providing a way to capture newly recognized requirements.

We use state-of-the-art methodologies to ensure that each step is as productive and accurate as possible. Requirements analysis may use the object-oriented approach of Rational's "use case", for example. Requirements are documented in text as well as captured in our requirements management system, each requirement phrased in accordance with industry best practices.

The database design process similarly follows industry practices using a CASE tool to develop the logical data model and migrate it to the physical, and finally build the database itself. Throughout testing, all changes and issues are entered into our change management system so that every problem or new requirement can be tracked to resolution.