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Aviation and Maritime

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From the busiest international airports employing thousands of people to the smaller airfields the pressure to deliver timely and quality services to customer is vital. With the largest airports serving tens of millions of passengers each year, coordinating services effectively and efficiently is of paramount importance. That’s why clear and reliable two-way radio communications between all parties is important. Whether you are the airport operator itself, an airline, security, baggage or handling its critical that your two way radio communication meets the mark.

That’s where Novatis Resources come in. Novatis Resources has been delivering the most reliable and innovative two way radio solutions in the world. Novatis Resources can provide Airports and suppliers of all sizes with a range of solutions to suit their business needs to aid operational efficiency, business continuity, safety and security.

Maritime organisations must maintain a high level of operational and environmental standards while satisfying a broad range of stakeholders, such as: importers, exporters, industry bodies, neighboring communities and the government. Novatis Resources understands the various demands of maritime organisations and the importance of logistics, communications and security procedures. We provide personnel with the ability to communicate securely or publicly, streamline standard operating procedures, combine legacy and modern technologies.

From the most reliable Aviation Ground to Air Radios to the very latest in Maritime two-way radio systems technology, Novatis Resources can provide communication between individuals and user groups operating at desks, on foot or craft.